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Concrete Evidence Ltd is a creative & strategic online dance music PR and Music Consultancy. The company is run by Joel Sumerling who has over 20 years experience in music, marketing, labels and PR. Concrete Evidence PR prides itself in providing their clients with stand-alone bespoke boutique online worldwide PR services for specific singles and albums.

We can also tailor long-term artist or label press management, TV promotions and label services.

Up to date social media channels are an increasingly important reference point in music marketing in 2016. Whether it’s a Label, Store, TV, Radio or Press they all first check the relevant platforms & media to get a “real” take on the buzz around a release, artist or label!

Concrete Evidence will help get you in shape, making sure you receive support from the online tastemakers that count and in turn you will be able to feed and boost your websites and news feeds with all important information and support about your music and artists.

Why use Concrete Evidence for Online Press PR & services?

  • * With over 20 years experience we can provide specialist advice and guidance for your artist, tracks, singles & album.
  • * Help you to develop a short, medium and/or long-term strategy for a track / release.
  • * We continually research, targeting specific sites by taste/choice in music who are the right fit for you.
  • * We understand social media and can provide an audit of your online social media and music streaming platforms to help you to    make them more effective, increasing awareness and engagement.

What we do (typical for a single release):

  • * We create & write a professional social media press release & put together a digital EPK for named campaign.
  • * Target and chase specific dance music reviewers.
  • * Prepare media releases for your tracks. Distribute your track and media releases to our global database of up to 500+ global  music sites, blogs, press and tastemakers through a targeted approach.
  • * Pitch for news pieces, interviews – Q&A’s, competitions & giveaways.
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