OFF THE RECORD with Marcelo Demarco

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Marcelo Demarco spends his time between the white isle of Ibiza and his home country of Uruguay. He also DJ’s and produces underground dance music releasing on his own Suro records as well as other artists such as The Brisboys and more.

Very apt that he features on Rhythm Travels and their OFF THE RECORD feature where Marcelo answers some interesting questions and you can preview the new Syncopated Soul release by the man himself!




Press Release

Take a trip into the underground music of Ibiza & Uruguay with the awesome sounds of Marcelo Demarco.

DJ & producer Marcelo Demarco is the founder of Suro Records who splits his time between Uruguay and Ibiza. He has been mixing and creating a blend of exotic ethnical rhythms and electronic resonance since the mid 90’s, developing a spectrum of dark and light productions that possess hypnotic bass lines, killer grooves with an underlying techno feel. Key past support has come from Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, and Luciano to name but a few!

His new two track offering on Suro Records transports you to the dance floor of any discerning Ibiza or Montevideo club where the featured sounds are techno, tech house, and proper progressive house.

Check out more about Marcelo and Suro:

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